PSE will be sponsoring the AIChE Annual Meeting 2019 in Orlando, USA. Many of PSE's experts will attend and be able to answer your questions.

As part of the event’s Sponsored Technology Workshops, PSE will host two workshops, one on digital design of robust formulated products and their manufacturing processes and one on PSE’s academic initiative: PATH

The workshops are detailed below:

Digital design of robust formulated products and their manufacturing processes through mechanistic modelling

Join PSE and industry experts for a hands-on software demonstration of gPROMS FormulatedProducts, an innovative integrated platform for the digital design of robust formulated products and their manufacturing processes. The software enables a consistent methodology and workflow to be applied across the formulated products industries, that uses mechanistic models for process understanding, design space exploration, tech transfer, optimization, risk assessment, and product performance evaluation.

Scientists and engineers in the pharmaceutical, food, consumer goods, and specialty and agrochemical industries will choose hands-on modules that demonstrate model configuration, validation with experimental data, optimization, and sensitivity analysis for a particular application. Modules include synthesis and fluid separation, crystallization, wet milling, filtration, continuous direct compression, wet and dry granulation, spray drying, oral absorption, and end-to-end flowsheet modelling.

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The PATH Initiative – incorporating teaching of modeling and digital design in undergraduate courses

The current wave of digitalisation initiatives in industry is putting pressure on chemical engineering faculties to revisit their undergraduate courses to ensure that their graduate engineers have the skill set required for the modern world. In particular, employers are looking for greater understanding and experience in modelling, model-based approaches and integration of data within chemical engineering design.

PSE has worked both with leading industrial employers of chemicals engineers and universities to develop a set of undergraduate teaching modules that are provided free to universities. Materials comprise lectures, hands-on materials in the form of class-based exercises and homework assignments implemented in PSE’s gPROMS advanced process modelling environment. The modules can either be incorporated within existing teaching frameworks or form the basis for entirely new course modules.

The first part of the workshop presents the PATH materials and examines how the initiative addresses the challenge by facilitating new graduates’ effective transition into industry and research. Part two will demonstrate typical application of PSE’s gPROMS FormulatedProducts for digital design, as an illustration of the skills that undergraduates can acquire.

The workshop will benefit professors, lecturers and program directors responsible for establishing and delivering the chemical engineering curriculum.

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