Forthcoming events

Below is the current list of events either organised by PSE, where PSE will exhibit or present a paper, or where PSE personnel will be available to discuss PSE’s expertise in the topic area at hand.

Date Title Location / Time PSE Involvement
August 2019
August 2019
05-07 BSF2019

Conference & Exhibition

Purdue, USA Attending

05-07 Purdue, USA

Conference & Exhibition: BSF2019
September 2019
September 2019
02-06 Freeze Drying Conference

Conference & Exhibition

Ghent, Belgium Presenting and Exhibiting

02-06 Ghent, Belgium

Conference & Exhibition: Freeze Drying Conference
10-12 Advanced Process Modelling (APM) Forum


New York, USA Hosting

10-12 New York, USA

Conference: Advanced Process Modelling (APM) Forum
25-27 CCFLOW


Graz, Austria Sponsoring

25-27 Graz, Austria

Conference: CCFLOW
29-02 23rd Larson Workshop

Conference & Exhibition

Lincolnshire, USA Sponsoring and Exhibiting

29-02 Lincolnshire, USA

Conference & Exhibition: 23rd Larson Workshop
October 2019
October 2019
08-09 SPTC (AIChE)

Conference & Exhibition

Houston, USA Sponsoring

08-09 Houston, USA

Conference & Exhibition: SPTC (AIChE)
14-16 MEPEC 2019

Conference & Exhibition

Manama, Bahrain Presenting and Exhibiting

14-16 Manama, Bahrain

Conference & Exhibition: MEPEC 2019
23-25 European Ethylene Producers Committee

Conference & Exhibition

Athens, Greece Presenting, Exhibiting and Sponsoring

23-25 Athens, Greece

Conference & Exhibition: European Ethylene Producers Committee
23-25 2019 KIChE Fall Meeting

Conference & Exhibition

Daejeon Convention Center (DCC), Korea Presenting and Exhibiting

23-25 Daejeon Convention Center (DCC), Korea

Conference & Exhibition: 2019 KIChE Fall Meeting
25 Digital design, digital operations – practical approaches to deliver value NOW

PSE Seminar

Daejeon Convention Center (DCC), Korea Presenting and Exhibiting

25 Daejeon Convention Center (DCC), Korea

PSE Seminar: Digital design, digital operations – practical approaches to deliver value NOW
November 2019
November 2019
20-22 INCHEM TOKYO 2019

Conference & Exhibition

Makuhari Messe, Japan Presenting and Exhibiting

20-22 Makuhari Messe, Japan

Conference & Exhibition: INCHEM TOKYO 2019

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