Integrated, unified tools and solutions for digital process design and operation

Digital process design and operation are key technologies for accelerating innovation and optimising day-to-day operation in the 21st century.

PSE is a leading provider of digital design and digital operation technology, services and solutions for the process industries.

Our gPROMS platform covers all key activities across the process design and operational lifecycle in a single, integrated set of capabilities – from model-based experiment design in R&D to creation of digital process twins for optimising operation.

Digital process design

PSE has been a leader in digital design since its inception. Working with some of the biggest names in industry, we have evolved the definitive model-based technologies and methodologies for exploring the decision space rapidly and effectively, optimising equipment, process and product design, accelerating innovation and managing risk.

Whom do we work with?

Our customers are involved in development and optimisation of new processes, formulated products, equipment and catalysts. We are a founder member of the Systems-based Pharmaceutics Alliance and project leader of the ADDoPT (Advanced Digital Design of Pharmaceutical Therapeutics ) project.

Digital process operations

For digital operations, we combine high-fidelity predictive process models – embodying deep process knowledge – with current and historic plant data, to create digital process twins that can add significant value to plant operation on a daily basis.

Whom do we work with?

Our customers are some of the major chemicals and petrochemicals organisations around the world, in particular those who are systematically applying digitalisation to their operations. We also work closely with Siemens Process Automation to deliver joint solutions irrespective of plant automation system.

Why PSE?

PSE has a unique, integrated set of technologies for digitalisation, built on the gPROMS advanced process modelling platform:

  • Sophisticated, next-generation modelling environments for creating and applying first-principles mechanicstic models: gPROMS ProcessBuilder for fluid processes and gPROMS FormulatedProducts for formulated products.
  • Powerful custom modelling and model validation capabilities that allow users to capture corporate knowledge and IP within models
  • Equation-oriented solution power utilising the latest in high-performance computing (HPC) techniques for rapid and robust solution.
  • Industry-leading simulation capabilities for steady-state and dynamic process systems, within the same environment
  • Industry-leading global system analysis and optimisation engines techniques for systematic analysis and large-scale (MINLP) optimisation
  • The gPROMS Digital Applications Platform (gDAP), for implementing high-fidelity models online and integrating models with plant data

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