Making the world a better place

Reducing energy use and pollution, accelerating innovation

Almost everything that PSE does, or helps our customers to do, is about making the world a better place.

From optimisation of wastewater systems to production of new drugs, the application of advanced process modelling helps to reduce energy use and pollution and accelerate the development of technologies that benefit society.

Let's see some examples …

Some of the things we, or our customers, are doing to achieve this are:

Our wastewater systems optimisation services typically identify 30-40% savings in energy simply by optimising current plant operation.

Our Systems-based Pharmaceutics approach, being co-developed with Pfizer and another leading pharma company, will help the pharmaceuticals industry to introduce new drugs more quickly, more safely.

We work with oil companies to make oil & gas production safer, using state-of-the-art dynamic modelling techniques.

Our high-fidelity reactor modelling and optimisation technology helps chemicals & petrochemicals companies to implement new, cleaner routes for producing chemicals, with fewer pollutants.

Our ground-breaking developments in carbon capture and storage are helping to accelerate the adoption of CCS, hastening a low-carbon society and mitigating against climate change.

We are helping to accelerate the introduction of hydrogen fuel cell cars – which are up to 60% energy-efficient, compared with the 18% of conventional combustion engines – in our work with Honda, Toyota and other leaders in this field.

Our gas-to-liquids (GTL) modelling technology is helping to reduce environmentally-destructive flaring of gas.


Advanced Process Modelling. Making the world a better place

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