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Process modelling has become less prevalent in the chemical engineering curriculum. Modelling loses class time to other topics within the broadening scope of chemical engineering. At the same time, process modelling plays an ever-increasing role within industry. Increased competition requires more detailed, higher fidelity models for design and operational decision support. New products and new processes are not covered by standard model libraries. As a result, industry has difficulty finding skilled graduates just as the need grows.

Bridging the gap

PSE’s Academic Teaching Highway is an initiative to bridge the gap between industry and academia. PSE's Academic Advisory Board, a group including experts from industry and academia, helped establish the goals, structure and content of the PATH initiative.

The Academic Advisory Board identified a need for effective, open curriculum materials to teach process modelling in chemical engineering. Developing course material that prepares students for the needs of industry is not straightforward. The key challenge is the time and effort required to develop new course materials that cover all relevant aspects, from first-principles, mechanistic modelling to the systematic application of optimisation techniques.

The video below explains the PATH initiative and previews some of the materials:

The PATH material consists of presentation slides, homework assignments, computer lab exercises and exam test examples. The presentation slides and homework assignments are designed to be software agnostic and are supplied under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike license. This means slides and assignments may be altered to fit the specific needs of your courses. The optional computer lab exercises use gPROMS and are supplied under PSE’s standard Academic licensing terms. All material will be made available free of charge to Universities that have gPROMS Teaching licenses.

PATH materials are constructed using a modular approach for flexibility. Each module is meant to take about 45 minutes of class time. The currently available modules are:

Available PATH modules

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