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gFuelCell is the only fuel cell modelling environment that provides high-fidelity modelling from MEA to full system

Zbigniew Urban, Chief Technology Officer

Developers of fuel cell components and systems face many challenges in getting their products to market.

The complex interactions within the fuel cell itself and between stack and system – coupled with time-to-market pressures and the associated technology risk – make modelling an essential tool.

PSE's new gFuelCell product represents a step-change in the tools available for high-fidelity predictive modelling of PEMFC and SOFC fuel cell components and systems.


Challenges facing developers of different cell type include:

  • How to interpret experimental data using a physically-realistic framework (typically from single-cell data)
  • Estimation of key model parameters from experimental data
  • Accurate prediction of current density distribution over the stack
  • Water management (PEMFC)
  • Optimal integration of the cell with fuel processing and other systems
  • Operational issues such as temperature dynamics on change in power demand, optimisation of start-up, etc.
  • Control system design
  • Optimisation of stack size vs nominal and maximum power output
  • Deactivation and stack longevity
  • Optimisation of platinum load.

gFuelCell – key features

  • SOFC and PEMFC versions
  • high-fidelity MEA model
  • all relevant physics and chemistry
  • fuel processing and ancillary equipment
  • easy-to-use graphical flowsheeting environment
  • deactivation modelling
  • control system design
  • rigorous mathematical economic optimisation
  • parameter estimation for data processing
  • optimise load change, start-up operation

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gPROMS Fuel Cell overview


gFuelCell uses high-fidelity AML:FC models within the powerful gPROMS modelling and optimisation framework to provide unprecedented high-fidelity modelling of cell, stack and system.

It provides a means simultaneously to analyse detailed micro-scale effects – AND optimise cell design and operation within the context of the whole fuel cell system.

This makes it possible to address all of these challenges, and many more.

    Fuel cell base model
State-of-the-art fuel cell modelling

    gPROMS Fuel Cell flowsheet including system and control components
gFuelCell flowsheet including system and control components


gFuelCell is used within leading automotive, residential and industrial fuel cell design and development companies to:

  • Solve key design problems
  • Reduce time-to-market
  • Manage technology risk
  • Optimise design & operation
  • Minimise unit cost
  • Increase cell life
  • Integrate R&D experimentation and engineering.

    The gFuelCell product

    gFuelCell is implemented within PSE's powerful gPROMS steady-state and dynamic modelling and solution environment. It includes:

    • The gPROMS graphical process flowsheeting and solution environment
    • The PSE Advanced Model Library for Fuel Cells (AML:FC), for PEMFC or SOFC