The power to be certain
  • gCCS – overview

    Whole chain CCS systems modelling

    gCCS is a system modelling tool for support of design and operating decisions across the CCS chain. It contains steady-state and dynamic models of all major CCS operations, from power generation through capture, compression, transmission to injection.

    gCCS overview

    'Drill-down' view from a whole CCS chain model (left) into a pulverised coal power station and amine-based capture process models (centre and right)


    gCCS can be used for modelling individual systems – for example, to analyse start-up and shut down of solvent-based capture systems – or to analyse interoperability across different chain components.

    Some typical applications of gCCS are to:

    Major features

    gCCS is built on PSE's gPROMS advanced process modelling platform, and inherits many of the platform's powerful capabilities. Key features are:

    gCCS whole CCS chain viewScreenshot showing an expanded view of a whole-chain model

    Scope at-a-glance

    gCCS provides models for the whole CCS chain:

    Power generation Capture
    • Conventional generation – pulverised coal
    • Conventional generation – CCGT
    • New generation – Oxyfuel
    • New generation – IGCC
    • Physical & chemical solvent-based pre- and post-combustion capture
    • to be extended in future
    Compression & transmission Injection & storage
    • Compressors
    • Onshore and subsea pipelines
    • Instrumentation
    • Distribution headers & choke valves
    • Well
    • Simplified reservoir models
    Utilities Physical properties
    • Standard process models (heat exchanger, valves, etc.)
    • Control models
    • Standard VLE physical properties
    • Steam properties
    • gSAFT advanced thermodynamics

    It is possible to integrate standard PSE's offerings, such as air-separation unit (ASU) models, with the gCCS libraries.


    gCCS is part of the gPROMS product family, and is suppplied on a similar licence basis to other products.