The power to be certain
  • Advanced Process Safety Analysis Services

    We work with operators and engineering companies at all stages of design and operation on both brownfield and greenfield development. PSE provides the following consulting services to the Oil & Gas sector:

    Blowdown analysis

    Rigorous, high-fidelity analysis leads to reduced risks and optimised CAPEX investments in greenfield and brownfield blowdown systems.

    Dynamic flare system analysis

    Assess the suitability of a facility's flare system with high-accuracy information for low temperature and capacity analysis.

    Fire attack studies

    PSE provides comprehensive pool and jet fire analysis including detailed studies of the flare system capacity limitations and the fire depressurisation and relieving events.

    Dynamic process analysis

    Use high-fidelity models to analyse process transient behaviour including HIPPS, well start-up, compressor trip and other dynamic process analysis.

    The new best practice: evolving guidelines necessitate change

    Evolving industry guidelines are changing the way Oil & Gas companies approach process safety in pressure relief, blowdown and flare systems. Best practice now increasingly puts high-fidelity dynamic modelling techniques at the centre of materials of construction decisions and capacity assessments.

    Our services are aimed at helping clients achieve the requirements specified in the API Standard 521 6th Edition, published in January 2014:

    • Examining the principal causes of overpressure
    • Determining individual relieving rates
    • Selecting and designing disposal systems, including such component parts as piping, vessels, flares and vent stacks

    Experienced consultants using proven methods

    PSE Oil & Gas has one of the largest dynamic modelling teams in the industry. Our consultants combine experience and technical expertise to work collaboratively with clients to pinpoint areas of concern and develop mitigation strategies. Our analysis methodology is ISO9001-certified for quality management. Members of PSE's consulting team are active participants in the Steering Committee on Pressure Relief Systems at the American Petroleum Institute.

    Advanced technology validated in the real world

    At the heart of everything we do is our powerful gFLARE Advanced Process Modelling environment, which allows us to predict and analyse transient behaviour with very high accuracy. gFLARE uses high-fidelity dynamic analysis to precisely quantify system pressures, flowrates and temperatures (as well as other key measures). gFLARE is extensively validated against experimental data as well as data for the blowdown of full scale Oil & Gas facilities. gFLARE is an approved technology for more than 15 operating companies including four "super-majors" and multiple large national oil companies. Our case studies demonstrate real projects with savings in the hundreds of millions of dollars and reduced safety risks.