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    Safety and operating decisions based on high-fidelity predictive models

    PSE Oil & Gas provides safety services and software solutions to both operating and engineering companies. At the heart of everything we do is our unique gFLARE Advanced Processed Modelling environment, which allows us to predict and analyse the actual transient behaviour to a high degree of accuracy.

    PSE is the recognised industry-leading provider of high-fidelity analysis for blowdown, pressure relief and flare system design.

    gFLARE uses high-fidelity dynamic models to accurately quantify system pressures, flowrates, temperatures and other key quantities, enabling companies to make informed safety and CAPEX decisions.

    Best practice

    PSE's services aim to help define and to propagate best practice in safety analysis and throughout the industry.

    In particular, services are aimed at helping out clients achieve the requirements specified in the API Standard 521 6th Edition published in January 2014:

    Our services

    The use of a rigorous model-based analysis can result not only in improved process safety but also an improvement in operations and a considerable reduction in CAPEX. Read our case studies to find out how Oil & Gas companies are saving billions.

    We cover a wide range of typical model-based safety applications, as listed in the links below.

    We also help operating companies to develop appropriate scopes of work for dynamic simulation studies, to ensure that studies are fit-for-purpose and achieve the required results without unnecessary expense.