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  • gFLARE: PSE's Oil & Gas technology

    Industry-leading advanced process modelling software

    gFLARE® is a flare network and depressurisation modelling platform used by PSE to provide expert operations and safety analysis.

    In addition to one-off assessments, PSE delivers configured dynamic models of pressure relief systems on the gFLARE platform, providing operators with maintained model-based solutions that support best-practice safety assessments throughout a plant's lifetime.


    gFLARE is based on PSE's industry-leading gPROMS Advanced Process Modelling software, which is widely used throughout the process industries.

    It combines the powerful dynamic simulation and optimisation technology of the gPROMS platform with PSE's industry-leading high-fidelity flare network and depressurisation models.

    The gFLARE platform contains high-fidelity dynamic flare and depressurisation models capable of addressing many different challenges within a single comprehensive framework.

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    gFLARE incorporates industry-standard Multiflash physical properties, including calculations for hydrate and wax prediction. With gFLARE it is possible to:

    gFLARE incorporates industry-standard Multiflash physical properties, including calculations for hydrate and wax prediction.

    Advanced Depressurisation

    PSE Oil & Gas's advanced depressurisation models are capable of performing a detailed 3-phase non-equilibrium analysis of high-pressure vessels or pipework under blowdown conditions.

    Analysis includes a 2 or 3-dimensional wall temperatures representation, with heat transfer between regions of the wall in contact with different phases to show the evolution of cold temperature areas over time.

    Combining advanced process models and CFD

    Sometimes in order to perform complex analysis, it is necessary to combine the best available technologies.

    An example is the separator cold spot analysis, where it is necessary to model both the complex flow patterns of entering fluid (best done in CFD) and the equilibrium phase changes in the fluid over time (best done in gFLARE).

    PSE's hybrid modelling interfaces – in collaboration with industry leaders such as ANSYS FLUENT – are designed to take care of this type of analysis.

    Software approach

    PSE's gFLARE technology is built on the gPROMS platform. PSE is committed to maintaining the platform at the leading edge of modelling technology, and it is continually under development. This means that you have access to the latest technology in a wide range of areas, from steady-state and dynamic simulation to advanced optimisation techniques.