The power to be certain
  • gPROMS ModelBuilder

    The world's leading Advanced Process Modelling environment

    gPROMS ModelBuilder® is the custom modelling and flowsheeting environment at the heart of the gPROMS platform products.

    ModelBuilder combines industry-leading custom modelling capabilities with a process flowsheeting environment, to provide the process industries' most powerful advanced process modelling tool.

    What is it used for?

    ModelBuilder is used to build, validate, execute and deploy steady-state and dynamic process models of any complexity.

    Its powerful process modelling language is used to create high-fidelity predictive models of chemical processes, which can be validated against experimental or plant data using built-in advanced parameter estimation techniques.

    Once you have a validated model, you can use ModelBuilder's steady-state and dynamic simulation and industry-leading optimisation capabilities to generate high-accuracy predictive information for decision support in product and process innovation, design and operation.

    Who uses ModelBuilder?

    ModelBuilder is designed for a range of modelling users within the typical process organisation. Some typical groups are:


    ModelBuilder can be applied across the process lifecycle all the way from process or product development in the laboratory to support of online plant operations, by users from many different disciplines.

    It is used across the process industries, from oil & gas and refining, through chemicals, petrochemicals & polymer, to food & beverage and pharmaceutical manufacture.

    It also provides support at all stages of the model lifecycle: model construction, validation, execution, deployment and subsequent maintenance. This ensures that models can easily be maintained and extended to provide continual return on investment.