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  • The gPROMS platform

    A unified modelling and solution platform for all products

    The gPROMS platform

    gPROMS is now the leading modelling product within the process industries

    Dr Geoffrey Robinson FREng, Royal Academy of Engineering

    gPROMS® is a platform for high-fidelity predictive modelling for the process industries. It is the foundation on which all of PSE's gPROMS family modelling and optimisation products are built.

    The main applications of gPROMS family products are in model-based engineering activities for process and equipment development and design, and optimisation of process operations.

    gPROMS family products are applied by major process and technology organisations throughout the world, across many application areas in all process sectors. It is also used for research and teaching at 200 academic institutions worldwide.

    The gPROMS advantage

    gPROMS family products

    General process engineering:

    gPROMS ModelBuilder



    gPROMS platform is a feature-rich environment that brings many major advantages over other comparable modelling software. gPROMS family products benefit from the following:

    Why the gPROMS platform is important

    The existence of the gPROMS platform is important both to PSE and to our customers.

    Building PSE's software on a single evolving platform brings a number of significant advantages:


    Accelerate innovation. Manage risk