The power to be certain
  • The gPROMS platform

    Features: modelling power, versatility and ease-of-use

    The gPROMS platform is the modelling and solution environment on which the gPROMS family products are built.

    It provides most of the underlying features that you see when you use a gPROMS family product: an advanced custom modelling environment for expert modellers, a graphical flowsheeting environment for process engineers, and an execution-only environment for non-modellers such as operations personnel.

    Overall platform capabilities

    Modelling power: a plot from a model of a pulsed catalytic reactor, showing concentration variation over time

    Plot showing trimodal molecular weight distribution in a polymer

    State-of-the art model validation and data analysis

    Modelling capabilities

    gPROMS has a powerful and easy-to-use language and sophisticated graphic editors

    Interchangeable language and graphic views are maintained consistent at all times

    Flowsheeting environments

    The gPROMS platfom provides sophisticated flowsheeting capabilities within the gPROMS family products:

    Plots and other result information can be embedded in the flowsheet and updated during execution

    Sophisticated modern architecture with many interoperability features