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  • PSE reactor design services

    Multitubular reactor scale-up and design

    PSE Consulting provides extensive services for design, operational optimisation and troubleshooting of multitubular fixed-bed catalytic reactors.

    Our team of experts applies model-based engineering techniques to support key design and operational decisions, working closely with your in-house team on aspects such as experimentation.

    We use high-fidelity predictive models from the Advanced Model Library for Fixed-bed Catalytic Reactors (AML:FBCR) or our extensive in-house models.


    PSE's industry-proven services cover gas phase or liquid phase reactors. Typical applications include:


    Considerable benefits can be realised from applying model-based engineering techniques to multitubular reactor design:

    Our team

    PSE Consulting has a team of experienced PhD-qualified experts in reaction engineering, process modelling and engineering design and optimisation, with a wealth of experience from a range of industry projects.

    We use model-based engineering design techniques that enable important design decisions to be based on accurate predictive information.

    This is taken from high-fidelity advanced process models validated against experimental, pilot or operating data where necessary. Models can be coupled with CFD models where required – for detailed design of complex reactors, including internal geometry.

    The techniques are equally applicable to design or optimisation of operations.

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