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  • PSE process design optimisation services

    Truly optimal process design

    PSE's design optimisation service applies model-based engineering approaches to determine optimal designs for process plants or key process equipment.

    High-fidelity models – steady-state and/or dynamic – are used to simulate and optimise many aspects of equipment or process design or operation rapidly and accurately, enabling better, faster and safer decisions.

    PSE's advanced process modelling technology and well-established methodologies provide us with a unique advantage.

    Typical examples

    Model-based design can be applied at a unit or process level, and at the front-end-engineering design (FEED) or detailed design stage. Typical examples are:

    What are the benefits

    The benefits are, quite simply, better design and better operations, leading to:

    In one recent reactor-and-separation design case for a petrochemicals plant, integrated oil company REPSOL were able to eliminate two columns entirely, resulting in significant capital savings.

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