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  • ModelCare

    Expert modelling services tailored to the way you work

    As the requirements for high-fidelity process models that can deliver real advantage become more complex, companies are augmenting their in-house capabilities with expert external services.

    PSE's ModelCare® is an innovative consulting service that uses collaborative working to help you achieve the maximum possible benefit from applying process modelling in your organisation.

    What is a ModelCare account?

    A ModelCare account is a framework agreement that provides your modellers, R&D personnel and engineers with access to PSE's modelling expertise as required. There are two types of ModelCare:

    What can ModelCare do for me?

    Both forms of ModelCare are designed to enable you to innovate with confidence, knowing that PSE's expertise will help to:

    What are typical activities?

    ModelCare can augment your organisation's modelling activities in many ways. Typical activities are: