The power to be certain
  • Advanced Process Modelling examples

    Better, faster, safer decisions in all areas of the process industries

    gPROMS®'s high-fidelity predictive modelling capabilities are applied to a wide range of design and operational challenges in many different industry sectors.

    Typical examples of Advanced Process Modelling used for model-based innovation and model-based engineering – some performed by the customer, some by PSE Consulting – are listed below.

       Model-based engineering
    From model to metal:
    model-based engineering design of
    a multitubular reactor

    In virtually all cases, they have resulted directly in significant savings or enhanced revenue, or accelerated innovation and development. In many cases they have resulted in new understanding of the fundamental phenomena, allowing for informed decision making that results in better design and better operation.

    Process design

    Equipment design

    Process development

    Process operations

    Crystallizer start-up size distribution

    Start-up size distribution for crystallizer

    Product design and development

    There are many, many more applications in many application areas where PSE or our customers have applied Model-Based Innovation or Model-Based Engineering techniques to great benefit. Please contact us for more details.