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  • Research & Development

    Pushing the frontiers of process modelling

    MacRobert Award for Engineering Innovation

    MacRobert Award for Engineering Innovation

    PSE is committed to keeping the gPROMS family of products at the forefront of modelling technology. To this end we spend a large proportion of our revenue on Research & Development activities.

    Our approach to innovation resulted in PSE winning the Royal Academy of Engineering MacRobert Award for Engineering Innovation, the UK's highest award for engineering. We join an illustrious list of winners that includes BP, IBM, Johnson Matthey, Microsoft, Rolls-Royce, British Gas, Arup, Inmarsat and Jaguar Land Rover.

    R&D activities

    Our R&D activities take several forms:

    Development of new application techniques

    PSE is at the forefront of numerous developments in the modelling technology and its application. Some examples are:

    Collaborative R&D activities

    These generally involve working with a range of industry and academic partners and other software vendors to develop or extend the application of APM. Examples are:

    In addition to these, PSE contributes to numerous EU Framework projects.

    Fundamental research into modelling and solution methods

    PSE is a leader in the field of equation-based modelling. Recent and current examples of fundamental research at PSE include:

    In the past PSE has been responsible for a number of industry firsts, such as dynamic optimisation, mixed integer optimisation, and distributed system modelling within generalised equation oriented framework.