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  • Innovation & thought leadership

    Pushing the boundaries of what's possible

    PSE as a company has always been strongly focused on innovation. Not only is our primary business to help our customers to innovate (and to manage the uncertainty and risk associated with innovation), but innovation is at the core of our own developments.

    This was recognised by the Royal Academy of Engineering when we were awarded the MacRobert Award for Engineering Innovation, the UK's highest award for engineering*.

    Thought leadership

    PSE is an established thought leader in many of the areas in which the company operates.

    In addition to pioneering the technology of Advanced Process Modelling and its application throughout the process industries, we are continually helping to bring fresh new approaches in diverse industry sectors.

    Three of the areas where we are currently working with leading companies to push the boundaries are:

    The underlying technology – Advanced Process Modelling

    Since its inception PSE has worked on developing and advancing the science and practice of Advanced Process Modelling.

    Some areas of innovation in which we pushed and are pushing the capabilities of process modelling software are:


    *Previous and subsequent MacRobert Award winners include BP, IBM, Johnson Matthey, Microsoft, Rolls-Royce, British Gas, Arup, Inmarsat and Jaguar Land Rover.


    Advanced Process Modelling. Accelerating innovation.